My name is Santos, a Neothink member

My name is Santos, a Neothink member. I am writing this note because i want 2 thank Mark Hamilton 4 all the knowledge that he gave 2 me. I will tell u a little about my life, maybe this will help u decide whether neo think is good or not. About 6 years ago i felt lost and depressed due to the fact that I lost my mind. I did not understand what had happened, all I knew was that i was not in the ball game anymore. I would still do the normal activities that made me happy but deep down i felt lost. I went from been automatic to manual which at the moment I did not like. I wanted 2 be like a kid still, fully automatic, and not think about my reality. Anyways, i ended up going down the hole. I questioned my religion, my life, god, basically everything 2 the point that i basically went mentally insane. I felt like a mental patient deep inside, but in the outside i wouldn’t show anything. My personal life went from been prosperous 2 broke. I lost it all. My love, home, life…should i go on. Some how in my hole, i received a letter from Mark. He basically described how I felt . So I took his help. It took time, I wont lie, but he put me back in the right direction. I read his work and finally thanks to him, im able to understand what happened to me. I would tell U more but I’ll keep that 2 myself. All i need to say is that Mark is like god to me. He gave me life when i lost it. Thanks 2 Mark I got my life back and sum. I love it. I love Mark the same way I love Jesus Christ. Why u ask? because they r both creators. Mark is like the present Jesus. Maybe that explains why people hate on him. Thanks for all the knowledge Mark Hamilton, I greatly appreciate it.

Santos M.

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