My name is Richard M. Ever since I came across the literature…

My name is Richard M. Ever since I came across the literature I received from Mark Hamilton, my life has never been the same.  Even before then, I had already made a choice to change my life and live a new and different life, and then Neothink appeared in my life. Over the next few years, my life has changed dramatically. In the past year, I took a leap forward to living this new and wonderful life filled with amazing experiences and overwhelming emotions shared with the people I love. In the past 3 months my life has taken a new direction. Although some may see me as the same person I was 3 years ago, I am completely different now. The events in my life are pushing me forward on a path that I have not known before, that is leading me to fulfilling my life and realizing my dreams and desires. Years ago, I was working at a job, not really making any money. I found myself in debt with no money to get by, and finding myself stuck with no way out as the pursuit of my goals were coming to an end. Introduce Neothink, and now I find myself pursuing my dreams, doing what I love most, travelling, meeting new people, and living a new and extraordinary life. Thank you, Mark Hamilton, for all the hard work you have done, and for following your dream and your vision like I have. Perhaps one day we will meet  and realize our dreams together. Peace


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