My mind is strongly motivated to express the deep feelings I have towards…

Dear Mark,

My mind is strongly motivated to express the deep feelings I have towards you & The Neothink Society that you have created.

Many personal events have fallen into place, for me, since I received your letter inviting me to receive three rather large volumes of your Mark Hamilton heirlooms filled with wonderful in-sites of life, how to efficiently control a business, how to help people & our countries problems bye- way of  health, poverty & the inhumanities to women, men & children. The info goes on & on, in-fact during my hours of reading & absorbing your classic literature I cried many times from seeing the beautiful future laid out in such a way as to inspire me as never before & I am actually now in my fertile 80’s.

Mark thank you for your squeaky clean mind. You are truly a humble genius.

Following my experience with your heirlooms you invited me to join The Neothink Society & I did by being an Apprentice, (I started life as an apprentice engineer with a shipyard in Scotland & now with The Neothink Society ~ WOW!

Since my commencement six months ago you have trained me step- by- step bye-way of my computer video through many masterful thought out ways, creating a whole new open minded system of how to encourage people to be self sufficient, inventive, loving & to do whatever they want to do rather than others choice.

Having Neothink clubhouses created throughout the country is a class act & now I am patiently waiting for one to open near me so that I can fully participate.

Mark I know you love people because you always operate from a GIVING mentality which is rather old fashioned, but preferred, to say the least.

You floored me when I received me last letter, from you, stating that as an apprentice you would like me to be an “Active Neothink Member” which would open up a whole range of opportunities for me & family. You appeared at the right time when you announced that you set in motion “The Neothink Business Alliance” under the guise of “ launch your lifelong impossible dream” & it was perfectly timed with my Greenhouse dream to have them spread throughout the world especially when weather & food are at odds. You even offered me a great Mentor called Rick & I thank you for that. Your help to start my business is like a miracle & once again your vision on helping people to help themselves can only then manifest into families being given a chance to blossom with their own life.

Your vision to create a political “Twelve Vision Party” is brilliant, in that, the present parties are really stagnant & disliked by most, whereas your T.V.P. vision is inclusive of  people from all walks of life & clearly include the poor people all of which you have clear cut plans for all to see.

I am truly honored by your including me into a humane, respectful, loving world & I can only see people flock to join your total vision. You do not need luck, you only need time.

I will help wherever I can. I love what you stand for.

Yours truly.

Alexander A.

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