My mentor, Mr. Mark Hamilton

My mentor, Mr. Mark Hamilton. My most honorable greetings to you Sir.  It appears to me, in the most logical sense, that every day that passes, I find that through your teachings, the most logical is the most realistic and the most truthful. Although I am still working on my Friday night essence, I have found that there is more than one purpose in my life. I am power thinking the integration of those Friday night essences to integrate them into the most powerful of all combinations that exist in my conscious. It is a total blessing to me that you contacted me in the first place. I am working hard in my mind to resolve all that there is to solve, to build the supper puzzle of my life and the supper puzzle of everyone else. Integrating those puzzles into a higher supper puzzle that no one has thought of before. I am looking to be one step ahead of not only those ridiculous religious and political illusions, but  to be one step ahead of the super Neothink geniuses. It has come to my attention, that there is a white collar hoax, and that there is more people involved in it than I had initially realized. On the other side though, I have found that there is  a large number of people disappointed with the way things are as well. It will be something to see and be a part of when the time comes for the TVP to depoliticize the American way of life. I am mentally and physically making  the change to the logical and realistic path of fully integrated honesty. Even though it is taking longer than expected. I am experiencing a tough transition though. Going through a divorce with a woman 15 years younger than I am. We have 2 beautiful boys, which I would never change. But it is with great sadness that I have been fooled by her illusions and lies with every step I evolve with Neothink. Being taken advantage of by her willingness to walk all over me is my fault. But the hoax is not my fault. But I will do what I can for those 2 boys. Teach them Neothink and guide them to and through the Twelve Visions and through the next evolution of man. My dreams to have these two young boys follow me and this path will be all that I can do at this time to succeed one part of the puzzle.  My greatest wish at this time is for those who don’t see, to see to “what is”. Our lives our precious. I can not express this enough.  To live is not to die. To live is to live forever. find the inner child within. Find your Friday night essence. Be the person you were meant to be. Stand up for what is right! Follow your heart and logic. Find Neothink. And let the rest fall into place as you build your success puzzles and integrate those puzzles into the super puzzle of life and beyond. Bless you all. Love and Happiness to you and Mark. To infinity and beyond.


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