My Life was about as low as it could get since the Economy crashed in 2008!

My Life was about as low as it could get since the Economy crashed in 2008!  Since then I have moved and Out of the blue I was introduced to Neothink…. Reading Mark Hamilton’s Literature was the most Exhilarating and Knowledgeable change that I could have ever done for Myself! Now I want to help Others (EVERYONE).  This has made me Healthier(lost 35pounds) Happier and more aware of what is really going on in OUR WORLD!!!  Which right now is not good!  The Economy is down yet the Government keeps raising prices and Foreclosing on people’s Homes leaving them Homeless, especially the Senior Citizens, This is not what our Forefathers wanted for us! We the People need Change and Mark Hamilton is a Genius in his own time!  If you apply and do the footwork and your own research that Neothink offers, you will most definitely see a huge difference in the way you feel, Think, and See!  Just like I have, I have broke the Bonds that kept me in the Stagnation Rut, and you can also, Just believe in Yourself as I do. Most all people are afraid of Change, But this is completely Exciting, Exhilarating, and Factual! My Life is so completely different because of Neothink and Mark Hamilton! I Can See through the illusions that other people are trying to Create, it might sound like it is good, might look like it is good!! And I am here to tell you, that it is not good, not what the government wants you to believe! They have never had a real job, or gotten their hands dirty like WE DO! Their Place is to Rule over Us, and it is not working!!! My Life is the Ultimate High Now,(I don’t drink or drug) and Mark Hamilton’s Neothink made this possible for me today when things look so GRIM…So Please, leave him to continue his History Making Teachings, so the rest of you can live Healthier, Wealthier, and in Peace!!! You have your own minds and your own Life, Take Control of them both, You will not be Sorry, You will Live the Life you were meant to Live!!! That alone should make you Think, I did and I am a Value Creator, and a Mark Hamilton Partner in this New Life!!! Just do it…With Honesty and Love of the Purest Form!!!  

Connie C.

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