My life has taken a very positive turn

Mark I want to thank you my life has taken a very positive turn. I teach for a living I have added the Friday night essence to my class to make sure that my students are choosing a career that they will be happy in for the rest of their lives. we talk about the values I have learned from you. They have come to look forward to this part of the class everyday every once in a while I will act like I have forgotten about this part and they all start in where is the discussion tonight. I love what I do and I am working on expanding it I have gotten a nonprofit school and we are currently setting up all of the classes everyone always asks me how I can handle so much work well we know the answer but I have not yet shared it with them. So I thank you for help me to see what I knew along and giving me the tools to achieve my goals I love you for that and I am behind you and the Neothink party all of the way I look forward to a better life.

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