My Life has changed!

To Mark Hamilton,
This is Deb H and I wanted to write and share with YOU what I walked away from the New Jersey TVP Convention with.   I must tell you that as I become more involved and working on getting Iowa going in the Affiliation process I am fast becoming in tune with others.

I went to the Convention with every intention of being very social and meeting everyone I could. I did not do this. I was held back and assumed the position that I have held most of my life as the Observer. And observe I DID!

I noticed Steve R before most knew he was there and I watched. I told my daughter, he IS texting with Mark Hamilton. She chuckled at me and when Steve gave his presentation he confirmed what I had said to my daughter.

This event was spectacular for Me because I achieved “the FEELing” and it will forever remain a part of Me now. I have attached the first thing I wrote after returning Home from the few notes that I took at the convention. I have been writing  a lot since my return and look forward to sharing more. My Life has changed!

I hope YOU enjoy my writing.
Take a breath of Love,
Deb H.

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