My Journey with Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society

changing my inward and outward beauty as well as how I looked and felt about myself. And I noticed how other people began to look and feel about me too.

All my life people have told me: “you know there’s something different about you”. In this point in my life I can see what people saw only a piece of years ago. I began to notice that I didn’t fit in at all living in this limited anticivilization. I began to feel alienated when having conversations with people. Because of this new way of thinking I couldn’t find stimulating conversation amongst even my friends and family. And it wasn’t before long that I began looking for my soul-mates of the Civilization of the Universe. I needed a Paradise City. I needed the Twelve Visions World. It all makes so much sense. And it’s the world I dreamed about when I was a little girl. Wishing to be lifted up out of poverty. Dying to get out of the ghetto and away from crime and evil. Desperate to find that pure unconditional love and recognition that I find now in the Neothink Society.

For me and my peers have all taken a jump to Neothink – a higher consciousness – to self-lead and be value creators for this world, our families, and mankind. There is no greater joy nor no greater upliftment I have ever experienced through literature such as the literature I have read over the past 5 years from Mark Hamilton and Dr F.R.W.

My love life. What the fuck! Wow! In the past 30 days I have found my God-Man of the C-of-U. The romantic pleasures that Mark Hamilton road-maps in Vision Seven is almost understated for that love that I share with Joshua Seymour has been more greater than any love combine with all the love I have felt from mortal men. I understand that only a God-Man can love me the way that he does and I am just so over joyed that Mark Hamilton opened the doors to the lifee we were meant to live. Giving us a far more advantage than any man or woman using specialized thinking can ever experience.

I wrote a testimonial about 4 years ago, but from then until now the transformation that I have seen inside myself these 4 years has been tremendous. Jumping into Neothink was a process that came easy to me when staying true to the concepts in Dr. F.R.W. and Mark Hamilton’s literature.

This new way of thinking has brought me so much joy

Has released me from so many illussions

Making me a concious being

Making me able to fend for and lead myself

To be a self-leader in this world that’s full of illusions, restrictions, and authorities dictating to people how they should live their lives and spend their money is almost impossible without the Neothink Society to help you complete the transformation from today’s mindset to tomorrow’s mind of the future.

This literature impedes on you the importance of always using integrated honesty. Integrated honesty being the only way that one can pierce through the many illusions that have been set in place by the parasitical elite ruling class for financial gain at the expense of countless innocent lives. This is one of the first lessons of many valuable lessons that F.R.W. and Mark Hamilton have blessed me to obtain.

My heart now signs with joy, because I have found this society of like minded people. People who received the same education I did. People who now love life like I do. People who want to see the uplifting of humanity as a whole. Not just one group or one class of people, but all of as human beings. This wonderful society adds so much value to my life. Amongst my peers I feel the same deep love that I feel for own brothers and sisters.

The brilliant minds of Mark Hamilton and his father the late great Dr. F.R.W. have successfully put in place new belief and application systems for mankind to embrace as the old structures of civilization fall to pieces.

This brilliant system (i.e., the Neothink Society) ignited the fire that has burned inside of me since a young child and brought me back to the person I was meant to be and the live I was meant to live through my Friday-Night Essence (i.e., FNE). This new way of living and thinking encouraged me to become a self-leader and take actions to actively live my life and engage in the world around me. This is a feeling that most people lose at a very young age. We forget about the child of the past (i.e., the little person inside us that always had BIG dreams) and forgot about them when impressed by society’s cruel message that you have to work and go to college to “be somebody”.

I can not tell you how over joyed I have become knowing that I am finding and reconnecting with my inner-child of the past through the literature of F.R.W. and Mark Hamilton. I always wanted to be an artist, singer, dancer and actress, but society impressed on me at a young age that it was impossible to be successful in the arts industry without giving up my morals and self-worth.

Through the Neothink literature I found all of those impressions to be nothing but illusions. I have become a self-leader who makes wonderful music for the world. My content holds value and creates value for the listener. I have turned down many recording deals, because I know that no one will have control over me, my thoughts, or my values and I owe that to Mark Hamilton.

I have a impressed on my children this new way of looking at things and I am myself raising geniuses of tomorrow. My children are Neothinkers right now. I thank Mark Hamilton for my children will never be stagnated with mysticism. I am grateful to Mark Hamilton, because even at 11 years old my son is piercing through illusions. I owe so much to the Neothink Society. My 4 year old is an example of a Neothink baby. When I was carrying her I had just began my studies as Mark Hamilton’s apprentice and to watch her even at 1 years old she was able to speak in complete sentences she (i.e., by far the first time I have ever witnessed a Neothink baby). I am raising these geniuses due to replicating the knowledge of the Neothink literature and using it in our every day lives.

On a personal note, the Neothink Society has done more for me than I can begin to put in words in this testimonial, but has a whole I believe I speak for my fellow colleagues when I say that because of Dr F.R.W.  we are ALL blessed to have each other and to live in this new world, this Civilization of the Universe. There are no greater soul-mates that I would rather share this important and amazing journey to bring this new way of thinking and uplifting way of living to the world around us.

Before you judge anything you hear by word of mouth about Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society please invest in a piece of literature and talk to someone who is in the society and you will see and hear all the love and all the joy that this crucial government and religious leaders will attack only for gratification of their ruling as the elite class over the people. Then make your own conscious decision. Until then, I encourage everyone to join me, Mark Hamilton, and the Neothink Society in the journey to uplift falling humanity. United as people we will stand, but divided by our government we surely will fall.

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