My journey to the Civilization of the Universe started with Mark Hamilton…

My journey to the Civilization of the Universe started with Mark Hamilton on August of 2009, when he perceived the pain I was going through in the stagnant rut I was glued into after I had received several medical treatments for many months as a result of a serious car accident I had on November 19, 2007, as I was driving to work in the morning from where I live in Raleigh, NC. I got the tibia, and fibula of my lower left leg broken with a 2 inch-bone gap in that accident.
I was admitted into Wake Medical Center, Raleigh  NC where I received treatments for several months until I was able to move around with clutches. When I recuperated from my injuries after several more months to go back to my job before I had the accident, I was told by my employer that my position had been filled up with another employee after they had waited long enough for my return to  work after the accident.  I was paid-off quite alright, but I lost my job.  After seriously looking for another job with my Bachelor  degree in Business administration, and with several years of experience but failed to find anyone, I became stranded with nowhere to turn for help, until Mark Hamilton found me, and invited me to attend his monthly structured lectures on how to become a value creator for people for rewards.
After I had spent more than a year of unemployment experience, Mark Hamilton sent me his Neothink Manuscripts which gave me comfort, and assured me that there is no age limit in Furthering my academic desire at any stage of my life.  He also, encouraged me in one of his level meetings that there is still hope of a better future for me after my down fall last couple of years.
Mark Hamilton’s literature taught me that there is no age limit in educating our conscious minds which can go on learning and acquiring knowledge to create and generate happiness forever.
For the first time since I had car accident, and became unemployed for more than a year, my psychological leap occurred first to know that human minds are not supposed to be nature controlled, limited in learning, or doomed as I thought that I was after my serious car accident which occurred on November 19,  2007.  Mark Hamilton’s monthly levels 1 & 2 teleconference meetings and Heirloom volume 2 taught me that human consciousness is supposed to be man-controlled, unlimited, immortal, but not designed to stagnate and die as I thought when I became unemployed since June of 2008 after recuperating from the injuries I sustained in car accident on November 19, 2007.  When I became aware that man made conscious mind is designed to create, And eternally live, I went back to school and registered for MBA courses on-line at the University Of Maryland University College to upgrade my credentials for a better future in my career as soon as I successfully graduate with MBA degree in less than 2 years from November 05, 2009.
With Mark Hamilton as my mentor, I have learned  his principles by persistently applying as routine, my mini-day process technique, and my determined Friday Night Essence thru. downstream focus, I can become a value creator for people, and be rewarded with wealth, good health, and love.
Many thanks to Mark Hamilton for being my mentor, and having opened my eyes & conscious mind to behold all of the above which have inspired me to go back to school to further my education in my field of expertise & prepare myself to become an entrepreneur of my dreamed Business Enterprises which will create and build values for people of all color & race, and enhance wealth, love, and health in bound for me.
The Twelve Visions Party  is the universal dynamic of conscious life.  TVP is fully integrated honesty, uncompromising rationality, and wide-scope accounting.  These rare qualities have made TVP the  People’s party which has come to stay for eternity.
The TVP will replace the anti-civilization with the Civilization of the Universe.  TVP is with fully integrated Honesty that can go beneath any manipulators illusions.  It is full of integrators who can create values for People of all ages, race, and color more than any anti-civilized party can attempt to do.
The twelve Visions Party will reduce the size of the government, and will cut non-defense spending programs to the bone, but will increase national defense funds.  TVP will also, reduce the federal government suppressive regulations that hold back business, and hurt our economy since 1999 to the present date.  It will reduce government size, reduce taxes, but boost,  and promote business for individuals.
Mark Hamilton will be more than able to carry on the Twelve Visions Party’s agenda to depoliticize all the Neo-cheaters who handle the machinery of the government before the close anti-civilization time.
TVP wants what is best for the United States of America, and the entire world.  It will give rights and  protection to all, including to the smallest minority in most need of protection – to the individual.
There may be some differences between TVP and other parties, but there will  be no cardiac arrest In  TVP’s budget approach;  instead there will be a solid approach with its budgets.  
The people’s Twelve Visions  Party will take the politicians’ big hearts used as a ploy to get voted into Power out of everything they do Washington DC  Finally, Twelve Visions Party  = Good Health, Honest Love, and Abound Wealth for all Value Creators.
Long live TVP for the Civilization of the Universe, God Bless America, and the Universe for All People.

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