My Invitation Letter

Hello! In 2010 I was sent a letter inviting me to join the Society of Secrets; I accepted by requesting the free small booklet and ordering the first heirloom package. Since then, I have graduated from TROY University in Troy, Alabama and am currently in California for the next couple of months. Never did I receive any additional letters. The Secrets, Visions and Powers are still a part of my life today and I totally ascribe to the God-Man concept now. I realize my true potential and power. This is a request to meet with you and other society members as soon as I am able, to learn proper application of the 10-second miracle. I know within me lies greater power and natural abilities, but I have no guidance as to accessing my gifts. I feel as if there is a block, keeping me from my Higher Self. Thank you Mark Hamilton in advance for your cooperation. Peace and Love
Arden K.

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