My interrogations from Mark Hamilton’s work

If we are to effect the positive changes to society through the twelve visions of the Twelve Visions Party and Neothink as first envisioned by Mark Hamilton some changes in attitude of society need to be addressed first.
Getting to the essence of Neothink’s open ended philosophy we find that the common denominator is “Do no harm to individual conscience life”
How do we accomplish this? Through wide scope accounting. In other words, by considering all possibilities with a dedication to honesty and reality.
What does that mean exactly? And how does it relate?
It is our wish to get government out of our face, eliminate man made laws therefore allowing business and science to flourish on its own through honest competition. The ultimate objective here is to create lasting values for ourselves and others.
We cannot accomplish this without a dedication to honesty, something society has lost touch with. We can site many examples. Government corruption, religious fanaticism, pharmaceutical companies creating dangerous drugs that ultimately kill us, food industries compromising all nutrition in our foods in the name of profit and a general lack of concern for their customers health.
Much of this is just plain greed and ignorance. Everyone’s just living to die, so why not get as much as you can now and worry about the consequences later. We will never reach any kind of Happiness, good health and potential immortality that way.
We all must start considering all possibilities, dedicate ourselves to honest integrated thought and do a major reality check here.
We must emphasize the absolute need to bring back the love and honesty America once had, Religions have not done this, governments have not done this. So why should business and science do this.
To be happy. That’s why. Remember? The purpose of conscience life is to be happy and create values for ourselves and others.
Through the twelve visions we must STIMULATE societies all over the world to become dedicated to honesty and reality and to consider all possibilities with love for all conscience human life. The most precious thing in our universe.
Thank you Mark Hamilton for helping me bring all this together. I will be writing a book called, of all things, Wide Scope Accounting.
Carl T. J.

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