My Heart Is Filled With Thank You To Mark Hamilton

During these very hard trying economic times, how do we beat the odds?

Answer: By helping others, and sharing the knowledge.

I thank you Mark Hamilton from the deepest of my heart, for bringing me back to life. What a rare man in today’s world, for sharing with all people of all ages, his knowledge of honest true facts written within his manuscripts.

Mark Hamilton is the greatest author in our history that has realized publishing and distributing the true honest facts that have been kept secret from us for thousands of years, is the missing key to our survival.

The world has slowly but steadily turned into a mess. In today’s world, with all the corruption going on from the pretenders ( stealers, cheaters, liars). They are individuals who only care about themselves, never reaching down to help others as they are clawing their way to the top, while destroying the honest livelihoods of others, and only creating negativity, worried thoughts, frustration, and aggravation to the honest people of the masses.

For most honest people within the masses, we have become brainwashed into believing there is no better way to a future we always dreamt of as children. But for those of us that have read Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts, all thoughts and visions started changing.

Within the manuscripts, you will find the kept secrets of “well- being” to live happy, healthy, and how to become the person you are meant to be.

You see, with most people, confusion, anxiety, depression, and constant conversations are going on in our heads. Let’s face it, most of us have that constant chatter that goes on in our heads finding it very difficult to trust anyone or anything or even ourselves.

Minor changes in your thought patterns is all you may need to change your current situation. You will discover the simple secrets to deprogram any adverse subconscious programming that has been holding you back from success and feeling happy.

It is a known fact, with most people, the left and right parts of the brain do not work together. A person’s brain will usually favor one side over the other depending on what they’ve learned to do in their lives.

Our society and its educational programs are set up to stimulate mostly the left brain, which is the rational side, while mostly eliminating us to use the more creative and intuitive right side of the brain.

For all of us who have read and absorbed Mark Hamilton’s manuscripts, we began to automatically Neothink ( “ a new way of thinking” ). The left brain becomes intellectual, gaining new knowledge, and the right brain becomes creative while understanding the visions that come to us as we are reading.
The result is, when the mind becomes integrated as a whole, only a better future is created.

To all the broken hearted people, there is hope for a better way. Join us today in the new society of honest people, we are building a platform to stand up against the corruption mess we live in. Changes are coming in 2012. Remember what you have always wished for, it is right in front of you. Remember these words : Neothink, The Twelve Visions Party, The Prime Law.

Taking control over your mind is the doorway to creating the life that you have always wanted for yourself and your family.

It was always believed to be said, the honest guy, the nice guy always comes in last. Not no more! Finally, there is a better way. With the power of our mind connected to our finger tips, the words are being spread through out the internet. Read the many articles, blogs, and messages written by the growing number of honest people the are uniting together to make a new civilization we can be proud of.

With Exhilaration Of Joy!
Dale L.

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