My friend Mark Hamilton

My friend Mark Hamilton   The thing that attracts me to you more then anything else is the fact that you and I have the same goals, to keep our county, the United States free, and to get back the freedoms we have lost. We may use different words but the goal is the same to keep the greatest county on earth free. I say to people that this is a free county and we have the right to do whatever we want as long as we are not taking away the rights of others or violating God’s laws.

Man’s laws are just that, dictatorship, we all become slaves and have no freedoms. I see Prime law as God’s laws, He made us free He doesn’t control us. Our government should be protecting us, not taking away our rights. Man made laws are smothering us. Not only stopping us from doing our jobs but it kills creativity something that has made our county great. Man made laws go through society all the way down to individuals who want to control to get power over someone else. If you don’t fight back, if you give up, you have lost everything. You help to wake a person up, get them thinking, give them hope again. I have never given up and never well. But mean people have, I think of them as the living dead. They hear not, see not, and speak not. They do no harm and they do no good. They have built up a wall around themselves.

I am not one of these. I fight back, and thanks to you I am thinking more, my mind is alive. I’m now alert and am studying people more. I will continue to help others, a little kindness to give them hope so they are not completely loss. Mark, my friend, have faith in us. We are stronger then your enemies. This country may see hard times and we may not win every race but this country will not fall it will prevail because  this is God’s country and what belongs to God can not be taken away. Keep up the good fight, their are a lot of people who are fighting to save and rebuild America this fire is growing and it won’t matter how many try to take us down they won’t succeed. I out of time.


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