My eyes are open now i see. thank you mark

dear mark,
this might be one of the weakest testimonials that you will receive, since it seems that spectacular things do not occur in my life. and as of yet the status is still quo. but thanks to neo tech, i have taken a new look at life. i realize that i have always been a value creator. in every job that i have had i have   brought to it a new and better way to perform it. this has not always been
greeted with appreciation nor have i been i know
that i that i have been surrounded by neo-cheaters who felt threatened by me for seeing and implementing what was obvious. rather than reward me, they preferred to see the back of me.then i could not understand it, now i can. for every company that mistreated me i (not knowingly) i have neo-thought them out of existence-and now they don’t exist’. thanks to n.t. i know that i want to have enormous wealth, create new and better values. to set a value upon myself and charge accordingly to live the luxurious life that i denied to myself, while the neo cheaters ride thebacks of the value creators enjoying the good life at our expense. my eyes are open now i see. thank you mark.

phil s.

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