My depression went away

The Twelve Visions Party is greatly needed here in Alaska.  As I go about my life I have observed on a daily basis the look of hopelessness and despair on the faces of the psychologically asleep people I come in contact with on the bus commuting to and from work; the homeless people standing on the street corners holding up signs; when standing in line at the post office, grocery store, Wal-Mart, the bank and fast-food restaurants.  Right now, our newly elected mayor is making the issue of the homeless one of his top 5 priorities.

There was a time I experienced depression, hated coming to work, and got sick a lot because my job was making me “sick.”  I grew tired of my current job, but didn’t want to apply for another job because I came to realize that it wasn’t “the job itself” that was depressing and making me sick.  It was the whole idea of “working for an employer – working for someone else” that was making me depressed and sick.  I wanted something else, something more.  I tried a number of home-based businesses that didn’t work.  Then one day something wonderful, something magical happened…

Neothink entered my life and like magic my depression went away.  So now when I go to work I feel good knowing that I have found something better, something higher.  For it is through Neothink that I am learning how to apply the Law of Attraction and will:

1.  achieve the excellent health I crave via the best nutritional supplements Electric Life

2.  achieve financial success and freedom from working for another via The Global Information Network

3.  meet my soul mate

Thank you Mark Hamilton for creating Neothink and the Twelve Visions Party and bringing their message to the world.

Melanie P.

Level 12 Apprentice

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