Oh, I never knew how wonderful life could be until one day when I received a letter in the mail from Mark Hamilton.  Oh, what an eye opener this letter was for me.  Oh, what a journey these last eighteen months have been.  Oh, what Insights and Visions you offer your readers.  Oh, what wonderful excitement as one uncovers their essence in life.  Oh, you will never know just how grateful I am for having received and acted upon the letter you sent me.

So grateful for the first manuscript, Inside Secrets, as it takes one deeper into the prosperous world of Neothink, and shows the ordinary person how to use Neothink in their everyday life, and how to build a successful business, or how to advance one’s present career.  This literature should be required reading for every high school student in today’s world, because it is so much better than all the other books that are out there.

Miss Annabelle’s Secrets has shown me and other ordinary people how to fully live each of the Twelve Visions, how to become a leader and not a follower.  This manuscript takes everyone on a fantastic journey through life and how life really is and what it really should be for all of mankind.  This wonderful book discloses the advantages of tomorrow’s Twelve Visions World, an experience that will change one’s life forever.  This also should be required reading for all the youth in the world.

Your Neothink Manuscripts are remarkable pieces of work and very thought-provoking.  They are eye-openers to the mysticism and neo-cheaters and what they have gotten away with all these years that have been wasted, and the bad thing is, that it is still going on presently.

The one good consolidation is knowing that you, Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society, and The Twelve Visions Party, have the power and commitment to spread this knowledge throughout our country and to all corners of the globe and get the word out that Jesus tried to bring to his followers centuries ago.  These are such wonderful tools that will allow the people of the world to achieve financial prosperity, romantic love and abiding happiness.

Myles C.


Neothink Society Member

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