I, Myles C., would like to take this opportunity to thank my Mentor and Friend, Mr. mark Hamilton, for the wonderful services he is offering all of mankind.

Your manuscripts offer such great life changing opportunities, I for one, cannot express the profound gratitude that I feel for you Mark, and your devotion and lifetime work that you are so willing to share with your fellow man, especially in this time of need.  The economy is so bad and no one in Washington seems to be able to offer any fixes, they seem bent on making things only worse.

So Mark, you offer Americans their only hope to achieve their lifetime dreams and keep up with the forward movement because the Neothink Society Programs are working.  The Twelve Visions Party has the answers and the Local Clubhouses are reaching out to so many people who are in dire need of your services and all of your lifetime devotion to your literature and mentoring programs.

Your literature is the finest books I have ever encountered during my 72 years of being on this earth, and you should be proud of your accomplishments and where you are trying to take the American people.

The Prime Law is a long overdue masterpiece which, when passed, can only change the world for the better.  I know that if it is to be, that it is up to me and all your other apprentices to make this happen for the good of all Americans and eventually the world.  We have the best Twelve Visions Party Platform as a result of all your years of hard creation.  You are, without any doubt, the very best value creator in this world and I will follow you in this endeavor to the end of the world if need be.  I feel so strong in what you have offered me and my family and all those who are willing to get involved in making this world a better and safer place in which to live.  Keep up the great work it is an honor to have you as a Mentor and Best Friend

Myles C.


Neothink Society Member

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