Mr. Mark Hamilton has written several thousand pages of material

Mr. Mark Hamilton has written several thousand pages of material that I have read and studied.  His words and ideas are designed to make the reader look for the truth and honesty of the ideas that are presented.  His goal is to empower the individual to achieve their own personal goals.  He lays out a road map with which the individual can integrate his own thoughts into a materialization of a wanted desire.  The reader is never told to follow what Mr. Hamilton is doing or saying but to search out his own destiny and the creation of values that will increase the life of the reader and of his fellow man.  It is the creation of new and ever more beneficial values that is the goal of Mr. Hamilton’s work.

It is not some get rich scheme or quick path to anything.  It is an explanation of what the reader should do if the reader is truly seeking to rise to his most productive and useful self.  Mr. Hamilton does not instruct anyone to do anything except to seek the truth, essence and honesty of any and all ideas that the reader may come in contact with.  My perception of his goal is empower the individual to become a producer of values that can be used by people to enhance their lives.  There is no secret agenda or wish for power or glory.  There are enough fools in the world now who are doing that and bringing down the life experience of all of us.  I have used his material to question many of my long held beliefs.  Some I have changed and modified and others have been re-enforced.  I like to read his writing because it makes me think and therefore question and discern for myself what is truth to me.  He teaches that honesty is the only immutable course of action to take when examining any subject.  It is with honesty and a thirst for the creation of values that will propel all of us into a new and better world.

James D.

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