Mr. Hamilton, Mark……..THANK YOU!!!

It was November 12, 2005 when I received a letter from Neothink. After I read this letter, I was Impressed and skeptical at the same time. So therefore I just left the letter on my desk for a month, I even showed it to my brother and he was even skeptical about it, So I decided to throw away the letter but, the second thought came to my mind to keep it, So I just filed it.

It’s a March 03, 2007, I came a cross Neothink letter that I had filed away two years earlier as I was cleaning my file cabinets and I just had to read this letter again and this time I decided to do some Investigation about Neothink.

I got on line to learn more about the great NEOTHINK. I start reading the negative comments first instead of positive comments and I could not believe that these nasty and hated words came out of this “supposedly” good people (The good religious people that society thinks they know).

I was scared at first after I read those negative comments. I even start having nightmares. I start believing that if I do order this book and read it than I’m going to become evil and god’s people going come and take me away.

Again, I tried to throw away the letter but some how I could not because deep down in my heart I knew that this letter is going to be very important to my life. So I just placed it on my desk.

It was March 16, 2007; this is when I start having positive effects of those negative comments by those nasty people who called them self religious and good people to society. I start thinking that if I believe this rude and nasty people than I’m no different than them, so I just picked up the phone and order all three parts book and start reading it as soon as I got it. It was so interesting that I finished the whole 1263 pages book in only two and half weeks.

After I finished reading the book I got happier and also start hating my self for not ordering this book two years earlier but, I guess it’s never too late.

Mr. Hamilton, Mark……..THANK YOU!!!

Rakesh P.

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