Mr. Hamilton it is truly a pleasure to share my wonderful transformation…

FROM: Larry B.

Mr. Hamilton it is truly a pleasure to share my wonderful transformation from a life of true struggles and illusions to a life of clarity and direction. I am from the south where religion was the soul purpose of living and giving praise to god for everything I am and everything I have. I am now totally free of the hoax of religion and have embarked on a journey with my new NEOTHINK family direction. It is amazing feeling to know what your purpose in life is. I KNOW NOW THAT IS TO HELP CHANGE THE WORLD AROUND ME AND FIGHT AT ALL COST TO OBTAIN IMMORTALITY. I LOVE LIFE NOT THAT I HAVE HOPE OF LIVING THE LIFE I WAS MEANT TO LIVE. I DO FEEL SOME SADNESS BECAUSE I KNOW ITS GOING TO BE HARD AND WILL BREAK MY MOTHERS HEART WHEN SHE FINDS OUT THAT MY BELIEFS AND PECEPTIONS ABOUT LIFE HAS CHANGED SO DRASTICKLY SO QUICKLY. I FIND IT VERY DIFFICULT TO TALK TO ANY OF MY FAMILY IN FEAR OF THEM TELLING ME I AM CRAZY. THIS IS SOMETHING THAT I MUST RESOLVE WITHIN MYSELF BECAUSE WHEN WE CONVERT THE WORLD TO THE C OF U THEN I CAN RESOLVE THE ISSUES WITH FAMILY BECAUSE WE WOULD HAVE TRULY EXPOSED THE RELIGIOUS HOAX TO EVERYONE.


I have started my own business as advised and have began my down hill train of focus and my future for the first time looks brighter than ever but I am not sure if what I am doing is my FNE AND I SO DESPERATLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT IT IS.  I LOVE LIFE AND I WANT TO LIVE FOREVER but I want to live through my FNE. I am much happier now that I have found my true friend and family and through my business I will assist my NEOTHINK family in anyway I can. I TRULY WANT TO BE APART OF THE BUSINESS ALLIANCE BECAUSE I OFFER A HIGH QUALITY OF SERVICE BASED ON MY CLIENTS BUDGETS, PLEASE CONTACT ME  IN WASHINGTON STATE. In closing I must say the way of life that I am seeking, the Neothink World is the only avenue to achieve it and I have learned that so fast that I cannot see living and approaching life any other way.


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