Miss Annabelle’s story is best book I have ever read

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

First and foremost I must express my profound thanks for inviting me to this elite group.
Thank you also for the confidence you have for my potentials.Much as I have not yet exploited this claim I fervently hope with your leadership I would eventually open the gate to the flood-light that emanates from Neothink.

Two years ago I got a mail from NEOTHINK.  I found the mail intriuuing. I took it to my office to respond. I did not respond immediately. But when it came to my mind to respond I found that I had missed the cut-off date.  The mail categorically said there is no second chance.I said to myself :  Wilfred there goes you  opportunity again. I have had a few chances to become rich or own my own business. Each one ended with sudden death mystriously. But for whatever reason you gave me a second chance. For this I say thank you.

I have read the three books and I must say they are overwhelming and fantastic. I  cannot claim I have digested everything. I tried multi-tasking rescheduling my work load. My output has doubled. For the first time in the 12 years I have been with my company my boss to my amazement gave me a very high commendation this year. I dont know what that will translate to in terms of money. But I appreciate the recognition.

I have not achieved much besides the level teachings . I am not very good with the web activities. I am mixed up with password to use to get to the chatroom, library etc. once am able to jump the huddle am sure I would shoot up.

Miss Annabelle’s story is best book I have ever read. I would shameless confess that tears fell from my eyes a few times. I would read tis book a few more times to see how I can catapult myself to success  with my future Neothink friends. I am convinced that Neo_tech would lead me to become who am meant to be.  NIL DISPERANDUM.

Once more I say thank you


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