Meeting other Neothink Members has been rewarding

The first opportunity i had to receive the literature i actually tossed the mailers in the trash.  That was the biggest mistake i’ve made since starting this journey.  Chalking it up to being pretty skeptical, i mean how many times are we solicited in the mail for a purchase of some kind?  I did browse the initial material and as i carried on for a few weeks, it just stuck in my mind the potential that was there.  I didn’t even read the real literature yet, and yet something inside me was searching for the answer to my curiosity. Fortunately, a week or so later, another offer came and i filled out the forms immediately and began what has become the most rewarding life experience i’ve encountered.   It took some time to read through and receive the prime literature, some 3000 plus pages all told.  How many people have read 3000 pages of anything in the past year?  As i went through it, i could feel my mind opening, absorbing more.  Not just in the time i spent reading, but in all aspects of my daily life.  I sincerely wish this type of education and knowledge was available to me at a younger age.  After some time passed, we were urged to reach out and connect on a local level to more members who were also taking the step to better themselves.  Meeting these other members has been just as rewarding as reading the literature.  Commiserating with intelligent, stimulating, like minded individuals who have come along for the ride makes me strive to find more time to spend with them.  How many go through a daily, weekly, monthly, rut of an existence to find at the pass of another year they are no better physically, mentally, financially, spiritually?  Subject to the over hyped solicitation of advertising, the thoroughly bland and misleading media, the stagnant and uninspiring grind of a job we just can’t seem to get away from is enough to tear us apart.  With a little personal effort and motivation from within, this literature will literally lift you from the grave that your life can become.  This society and its members are a network of very motivated people meshing their own personal projects of success with a larger group goal to help bring about the positive dynamic that is missing in the world today.  I can use the word joy to describe how i feel about my life and the future its going to have.  Joy; think about that, how many people can use that word to describe their life path?  Mark Hamilton contacted the members to put down into words what the journey he’s leading us through has meant to us.  Words aren’t going to describe the level of consciousness that is going to unlock inside you when you get into the literature.  To describe what this has meant to me is actually simple though; total thankfulness and an inner level of ecstasy to be able to just have the opportunity to try and bring this total and complete fulfillment into other people’s lives.  What could be more gratifying than helping your neighbor, friend, family, etc. overcome a life of misery and transform their life into one of joy?  Society today refuses to progress at the level we need to perpetuate our existence.  Contributing to the force that helps remove the roadblocks keeping us chained is an absolute honor.  We’re in the tunnel together, together we can get to the light at the end.  Personal joy is one step away!  Thank you Mark Hamilton for what has become the opportunity of a lifetime.


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