May I first thank you for …

Dear Mr. Hamilton,

May I first thank you for contacting me, and including me in your worthwhile course of eliminating all sorts of suffering, expecially poverty, old age and death!  You are to be congratulated on this magnificent insight of yours into the future that you have come to acquire.  My hope and aspiration is to journey with you and the selected few in this awe inspiring process as I have read in the three books.  I can not wait for the experiencew to materialize.  I am also looking forward for the dramatization of the third book.

Although, I have not been able to use the business techniques you highlighted in the first book, but I have noticed a significant difference in my life for just having contact with you.  I really do not have a clue on how to describe it, but I have been leaving in a state of what they call, “from hand to mouth”.  It has been very difficult.  Our home has come to a foreclosure state several times, and we have been discharged out of the Bancruptcy Court on two occassions, even last week, we were sent another letter of foreclosure, but when my husband spoke to an official of the bank (Litton Loans), he agreed to have another payment plan set for us.  My heart pounds all the time whenever I think or remember our financial situation.  For some reason, since you and your people started contacting me, I sort of have a kind of bliss, its not as if I have discovered gold, so to speak, but I have not really fallen in that hole very close to my leg.

At my present job (FedEx), for two years, my boss has been giving me a touch time until three months ago, when I decided to quit.  I decided before I do though, that the rest of management would know what I went through.  I never believed they would ever take sides with me, considerering the high level my boss was (Sr. Mgr), and me, just her Admin Asst.  I eventually received a letter reflecting some changes in my department even though these changes did not directly effect my situation in any way.  I have applied somewhere else (New Horizons, and have attended the first interview and I am hoping to be invited for a second one.)

I apologize for taking too much of your time in reading my piece, I am just so surprised that I have a kind of bliss and I am hoping to meet you to at least shake hands with you.  I know and feel there would be a great change in my life the day this will happen.  I am also hoping that when I get this new job, I would be able to apply all what you have thought in the first book; for the job entails geting in touch with already acquired clients, who needs to be contacted for continuos business relationships.  This, I understand comes with an added incentive.

Thank you


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