Mark, I intend to win…

Mark, as you know, the mainstream has effectively shut me down.  I did not even have any money for Christmas gifts for the little kids at our Christmas dinner, so I made an excuse and stayed home alone for Christmas.  I did however celebrate the true meaning of Christmas.  I have been harmed so much that I cannot even keep up my internet subscription and am using the library that is only open 2 days a week.  I have to work each Friday and cannot even attend our seminars by phone.  Our common enemy is trying to strangle me, because I know too much.  Finally I was able after over 3 years to obtain my credit reports through a somewhat honest bank.  I am currently challenging over 235 gross errors on these reports.  

Mark, I intend to win over these crooks, and you cannot give up.  You have helped so very many people and your books are right on the mark.  DO NOT GIVE IN TO THESE CROOKS.  THEY ARE STEALING OUR ENTIRE COUNTRY FROM US.  This was once a wonderful place to live and with your help, it will once again become the real United States of America. 

Sincerely, Gary A. T.

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