Mark, I believe in your Prime Law

Mark Hamilton,

As I sit here and reminisce about all you have done for me, I fill with love and appreciation for you and your Neothink.  I received your 1st manuscript as I awaited surgery on my neck and lower back from a very painful accident.  I felt that there had to be more to life than what I was living.  My son would come to visit and always bring me books about energies and the way the world works.  I took a deep interest in this as well as about organic foods and healing myself naturally.

I then received a heartfelt letter from you explaining your 1st manuscript, at this point I was very interested to hear what you had to say. I received your manuscript and started reading immediately. Your second letter came and I was totally excited to read it, I couldn’t wait for the second book to arrive. I breezed through it and waited excitedly for the third one. Ms Annabelle’s Story. I loved that story so much I read it twice immediately.

I believed so much in your philosophy that I started craving it. At this point things in my life started getting impressively better. I had the 1st surgery and then started using the Neothink Inside Secrets and I have healed my own lower spine, and removed my own pain.

Your manuscripts taught me that there is a better way of life but not just for me for everyone!!   So I joined your Neothink Society and my life, body, health, mentality, beliefs, all improved dramatically.

Mark, I believe in your Prime Law and I believe in our Constitution, I believe that there are so many lies, facades, and cruelties in this world. I believe we all need to stand up for ourselves, but don’t know how. I believe your manuscripts and your visions are what’s going to show the populaces how to defend themselves and to have the happiest, wealthiest, most fulfilling life. I believe that this what we were meant to do. I believe you are a gift from GOD, you are here to be our guide and I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Much Love to You

For All you do

Teresa N.

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