Mark how are you doing my name is Iyfield C. and I have read…


Mark Hamilton, how are you doing my name is Iyfield C. and I have read some of your literature in the past and needless to say the information is there its all in how you use it, but I found it kind of hard to understand.  but it did give me a conscious feeling that it was written by a genius so I gave me self breathing room in between to feel it more now the book is missing and I feel like I cheated myself by losing it.  The Neothinking on my part has been doing well.  The graphs and images i play with in my head and they basically explain them selves but now I have no book and more imagery but still thinking about some of it, you know what I mean I feel incomplete.  By the way my reading is kind of off and my imagination is trying to fix a world around me but it a feels like I’m going un heard but not unthought-of.  So it feels good to know people care when I think about it.  Some days it feels like im besides myself but with the Twelve Visions Party knowing what’s going on and Neothinking I feel good again.  Thank you for being there for conscious people like us and taking the time out.  If there is anything you need from me you let me know I’m here.



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