Mark Hamilton’s Literature has dramatically improved my life

Dear Mark Hamilton,
I want to tell you sincerely, how your literature has dramatically improved my life.
Prior to reading Neothink materials, so much of what I have read and have been exposed to, has either been couched in either lies, or has been an assembly of other peoples’ opinions (many of which are erroneous) that are unquestioningly accepted as facts or truths.

Neothink philosophy and literature, and the Twelve Visions Party are based on – and encourage – independent thought and self leadership.  Neothink has pointed me in the direction of making rational decisions that ultimately better myself and contribute to potentially long lasting, true happiness.

Now completing Heirloom # 3 (Ms Annabelle), I am now finally able to better snap together the puzzle pieces of the whys and how’s of society moving forward and away from the dishonesty’s of the parasitical elite ruling class.

Any movement or actions that prevent your literature and philosophy from reaching the masses will subvert the speed in which the world and society is becoming an honest, completely healthy, and happy place to live.  Keeping you, your literature and/or the TVP from moving forward could in fact subvert the world from achieving this reality.

The Neothink materials provide the context for healthy, happy, rationale thinking and living.

Eventually, people will become sufficiently informed, and will be better able to see through with transparency the desperate actions of groups that are supposed to care about the individual, however that are actually threatened by the truths that Neothink and the TVP reveal.

Ultimately, the lies will fail at challenging your truths – as the tidal wave of love from society members, will torrential wipe out the sands of dishonesty, corruption, and mysticism.

Thank-you Mark Hamilton, for your honesty, for what you stand for, and for sharing your genius and passion with us.

From a very grateful friend within your society, with pure love and sincerity,

Ms Roevel G.

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