Mark Hamilton’s literature could have not come to me at a better time

Mark Hamilton’s literature could have not come to me at a better time. The battle with all 23month old daughter’s death, layoff from my no longer needed job, fractured back ,broken leg and foot so getting another job was unimaginable, wife struck by tractor trailer and pieced back together, all this was just the last few years. Therefore, life was just intolerable. There seemed no joy left inside of or to offer to someone.
Before all this cruel misshapes, I was a loving, hard working (70 +hrs a wk),happy go lucky family man chasing the American dream. Then it seemed all the life was drained from me. Living or dying did not matter to me anymore. I was dead inside any way.
There is an old saying not sure who said it but “the pen is mightier than the sword” This Is Mark Hamilton and his life altering literature. That is saying it lightly. It all started about 4 months ago. In the mail, I received an invitation for the life we are all meant to have. There are many tall promises in there to, wealth, health, and romantic love. To say the least being skeptic over whelmed me.
The broken state and depression could not get any worse than hating life. Therefore, I requested the literature Mark Hamilton was offering which was free. About a week or so later the 56-page literature that was promised to me came. Inside was a similar person that went through some tragedies I did and became successful. I was awestruck.  I was intrigued by what Mark Hamilton could enlighten.
Therefore, I quickly sent for the 1200 pages he was offering for a more than fair price considering the contents. As soon the literature entered my doorway, it was not put down until I finished reading it. Now I can truthfully   say I am the wealthiest man in the world and have a rewarding romantic relationship with my wife. I am progressing on my health.
Anyone who can give the insight and tools to someone with no hope and inspiration left and eureka, 180 happens. This is a man who will and is changing the world for the best of mankind. I am now enrolled in med school like I dreamed about, 4.0 I might add, I see the beauty in life again and every day the inspiration expands.
Mark Hamilton changed and reintroduced the man I should and will be. Thank You does not even touch the surface what Mark and his literature is doing for my family and me. May love, prosperity always touch you and your family Mark.
There is the Twelve Visions political party. They are the same inspirational guideline that changed my life and wants the best for all, just as it should be.
What else can you say about them? A political group that is striving for humankind’s eternal enjoyment of life and happiness.
I know anyone that has the goal to better everyone not just themselves is totally a World Hero and Universal Blessing!! the negative things in my life was breaking my will to live. The depression from my

Matthew C

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