Mark Hamilton’s Heirloom Manuscripts Have Changed My Way…

Mark Hamilton’s Heirloom Manuscripts Have Changed My Way Of Thinking, And Has opened My Eyes To See Through The Illusions To What Is.”

Hi, Mr. Hamilton
I just want to say thank you for all that you do, you really mean a lot to me as far as a mentor.
Every month I get so excited, because do to the monthly meetings with you; I know that your going to bring value, stimulation, and knowledge that is new and refreshing.
The value and true knowledge that you have shared with myself and all of your apprentices has done something that no-one else has been able to do.
That is to awaken the child-of-the-past that is buried and lying dormant deep inside of each and everyone of us.
We were all searchers, looking for that something better in life that we knew was always there, but didn’t know how to find it.
Loosing you as a mentor means loosing all this value-creation, and that would be a tragedy, because no-one else can bring this to us.
Now getting to your literature, I have always enjoyed reading, but your literature is very powerful and life changing.
Every time I read through and study your literature exhilaration rises up within me from the truths that are brought to the forefront, and as far as I’m concerned that’s priceless.
I am honored to have had the opportunity to own this literature that you (Mr. Hamilton) have made possible for anyone in the world to have.
So, not having this literature is not an option.
Being a part of the (Neothink Society) means a lot to me because of it’s many advantages: one being the secret-website, which allows you to interact with like-minded people within the society.
Now, the (Twelve Visions Party) is something I’m looking forward to and means everything to me and my family as far as the country’s future. The world needs all the benefits from the (Twelve Visions Party) such as: prices dropping in every industry; which will make all the people rich, government being used for protection of the people only; which will allow the people to live as individuals and think for themselves, better health-care and the best doctors,etc.
Thank You For Everything Your Doing For Society (Mr. Hamilton).

Marvin C.

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