Mark Hamilton will show you the way

I want to start off by saying that I have not ever met Mark Hamilton in person.  I have only been in contact with him through the U.S. Mail, e-mail, teleseminar, and his generational transcripts. From this I have evaluated him to be a very sincere, caring, powerful, and generous man.
The reason for my conclusion is that he has a message to share.  a message that has been around since before the beginning of time. A message that is so powerful that it will change your life, ( if you want it to ). That’s
the beauty of it.  His message shows you that everything in life is in your control and if you are currently in a bad situation, financially, physically, or mentally, you and only you have the power to change it !!!  that’s right if
you want to, you are able if you have no doubt. He is able to show you how to change any aspect of your life for the good, again, if you have no doubt.
He can show you the beauty of the world and everyday life through the “ILLUSIONS” that have been placed by the U.S. Government, Bureaucratic Neothinkers, Drug companies, Financial institutions, and Corporate America.
They all want you dependent on them, their goal is for the public to play “The blame game”, that all your problems are due to or because of someone or somebody.  That’s the ILLUSION they place out there, but is just that, AN ILLUSION.
Mark Hamilton will show you the way to see through this deception and flourish even in this so called ” poor economy”.  You have the power and ability to do, be, or have anything you desire from life. Mark has changed
my life and I thank him everyday for the opportunity that he has given me.
It is so simple that it will blow your mind.  When the secret is revealed you will feel like kicking yourself. It is something that you do on a daily basis, and have done all your life, but you don’t do it correctly.
I am 100% behind Mark !!!  He is my mentor and he is greatly appreciated.
I am not that involved with the Twelve Visions Party yet, but I am looking forward to getting more into it. Humanity as a whole will be able to prosper & flourish from it.
Thank you again Mark for all that you have already done and all the doors that you have opened for me. I’m forever in your dept…….


M.W. T.

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