Mark Hamilton took my hand

Some people are very skeptical and that is a good thing. I was but to my surprise, this is the REAL thing. Every step I took I expected to be slammed down again. This never happened. Mark Hamilton took my hand (not physically) and guided me all of the way through the past and into the future. He gave me the ability to open my eyes and learn the truth about everything I questioned. I learned all the impossibilities I never thought possible. Most of all what it is to be a self-leader. I love being able to talk to my NT family and get honest, intelligent answers and visions. What a wonderful world I now live in.. The main step is to install the Prime Law into our Constitution. All of us have a choice and I hope you choose to live in all of our future which is full of Love, Honesty, Health, Wealth and Creation. Love to all of you.

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