Mark Hamilton the founder of the Neothink Society

First there is Mark Hamilton the writer, he writes books about how to improve your job performance, your health, your love life, financial status, your place in the universe your business, I have read every one of them more than once. and will probably read some of them again. The information in his literature is invaluable, in no other

literature can you find an easy explanation of facts that move life forward. I love his works.

NEXT there is Mark Hamilton the founder of the Neothink Society. Neothink means a new way to think ,it ties in with the above paragraph of how to improve your life.

NEXT there is Mark Hamilton the politician, he founded the new Twelve Visions Party at present it is registered in 10 states including Texas,  California, and Virginia, all other states are working on it, at the top of their agenda is Individual Rights and too much Government and to get the hands of politicians out of our pocket. I highly recommend you check us out.

NEXT there is Mark Hamilton the man, in reading Mark Hamilton s literature it is very evident he cares about people, the world we live in, our country, our future,

and our children s future. He has pledged his time, his Money and will spare no effort to make this Nation a better place to live.


Melvin G. C.

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