Mark Hamilton teaches the Neothink Business System

Absorbing the prime literature piece by piece, as I pulled together all the pieces,I visualized a super-puzzle. This puzzle is bringing people from all background more closer together than religions and politics. It forces a brain to think. That puzzle is BUSINESS.

My name is Christian, before neothink I was in business since the age of 16. My father never talked to us about getting a job. I knew I had to find solutions to problems, and avoid more problems. The lack of knowledge I had about the source of the solution made it harder to move business forward at a faster speed.

Thank you to my mentor, Mark Hamilton for teaching me the Neothink Business System. I also thank JESUS CHRIST for laying out the path to REPLICATION.

A replicating business will last thousands of years and the business can run by itself after few years of starting.
A non-replicating business will last as long as you will be alive.

A job will almost get you by…

It is all up to you…

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