Mark Hamilton saved my life!

WOW, is all I can say. This is so surreal, so mind blowing I think I will stay up tonight!
I wrote a testimonial a couple of months ago about how in love I was with my fiancée. I still do love him, but it’s different now that I started building a relationship with GOD. My ex-fiancée introduced me to ISLAM which I thought was good for me at the time. Well everyone, ALLAH is a foreign god, yeah you heard me right a foreign god. I was never really happy, but I loved my man at the time, being naive as usual. I thought he was in love with me, too! Once I started reading my Manuscripts, the Bible and praying, my faith started to get stronger. Man, I was in for a ride. My ex- only use Women for his purposes, whatever he could take he took and during all his taking my heart was tied up in a sick ass lie. Men will do anything to deceive a woman. I felt that things were not right, but I kept going because I was in love with my man. I had to let my ex go, or else I would have died! GOD is a forgiving GOD, so I turn all of my problems over to him and let me tell you, GOD keeps ALL of HIS PROMISES. Neothink® has been a mind blowing experience. It’s funny how you have big hopes and dreams as a child, but they never come true because we are stuck in a rut in the anti-civilization. Yeah the big corrupt political system is to blame. This society is depressed and the GOVERNMENT do not care that there are BILLIONS of lives at stake. The anti-civilization have you criticizing people, doing all kind of evil things, just being dishonest in everything you do, EVERYTHING! I am so happy to have received a red, white, and blue envelope from NEOTHINK. I struggled for 4 1/2 years, but not anymore, 2010 is my year and all of my GIFTS that GOD PROMISED have definitely been added unto me, it definitely was a blessing in disguise. The anti civilization has you think that your dreams are far out; when in reality they are within reach. You never know what GOD has in store for you, until you start making steps to change your life for the better. No one is going to do it for you; you have to want to CHANGE. The global information really does make Dreams come true. I was always attracted to the SUPERSTARS and the finer things in life, especially BEYONCE’S success. It’s a damn shame to admit, but I was really jealous of her and her Big Success.
Oh damn, that how the Government have you think, like the only people that are rich are only on TV. Our dreams are within reach through Neothink. I really felt bad about all of the filthy things that came out of my mouth about her. I was only a dreamer at the time and not a Doer. You never know when or how someone is going to help you on your journey. The Government is full of Shit, you heard me right S-H-I-T.
They plant seeds of deception and spend all of our hard earned money looking like Millionaires, while we get poor and poorer. You never should talk shit about another individual who Create Honest Creations for the world to enjoy. Honestly my son’s father planted a seed in my head and it finally came to root. I hated on B for shit when I really do love her on the inside. I was afraid if I told people how I really felt they would think I was crazy for real, I did not want to cause chaos within my family but its too late the damage has been done. I had the STUPIDNESS disease and was afraid to speak up for myself! People hate on people when they are doing better than them.
It’s the anti-civilization’s fault we are all programmed robots. It’s not to late NEOTHINK saves lives; they SAVE lives, and not DESTROY them, like the good for nothing GOVERNMENT. MR. PRESIDENT, MR. PRESIDENT can you help me? Hmmm, let’s see what have you brought to the IRS? Nothing. Well then no benefits! Its time to put an END to this sick ass game the Government is playing with Beautiful, Honest, Hardworking people. It’s a sick Game politician’s play and I would rather join the MUSIC GAME and get my own Million Dollar checks any day than to get a monthly stipend and can hardly, wipe my own ass.
To make a long story short, I became a affiliate for GIN for free and I went to a Meeting and found the man from my childhood DREAMS. And this is only the beginning, dreams really do come true when you can read between the lines, Honest people pushing you for your Dreams, believing in yourself and keeping the faith and never giving up. I will never take Mark Hamilton and his Creations for the world for granted again.
Never, you guys, never put a man before your relationship with GOD.
My life is definitely a fairy tale and it is just the tip of the iceberg. To be continued.
Love always and forever,
Making Big Changes in the South

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