Mark Hamilton; Saved My Life . . .

The Neothink® Society, Twelve Visions Party (TVP) and Mark Hamilton; Saved My Life . . . . .
As a young child I knew that a better life must exist, but it always seemed just out of my reach. I was raised to believe that external authorities beyond my control; impinged upon my ability to succeed.  Happily living as a successful student, professional, husband and father; I’m much wiser at 45 years old.  
My name is John M. S. from Phoenix, Arizona.  When I received an invitation to join the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), I had worked for many years in Corporate America.  My bills were usually paid on time, allowing me to focus on creating a great family life, but I had reached a ceiling that I could not break through.  I was producing the same values over and over again, merely maintaining my life; not growing to higher levels.    Through the amazing literature created by Mark Hamilton and shared through the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), I realized either I was going to live my life according to the hurdles and stumbling blocks that lie before me, or I was going to live my life according to where I wanted to go.    
I was 100% responsible for my position in life, my outlook on life, the Happiness, Prosperity & Romantic Love that flowed into my life.  I immediately adopted a manta, “Be & Allow” – I must Be who I think I need to Be & I must Allow everyone around me to be whoever they need to be.  
I DO NOT Possess the Ability, the Desire or the Right, to Change anyone, but Myself!
Our society tends to dictate that the older someone becomes the less value they have, when reality dictates the Opposite.  The older we become, the more experience we have – So, the greater value we possess for ourselves, our family & the world.  
I’ve been asked, “What is the Neothink® Society & the Twelve Visions Party (TVP)?” – “What values will I gain?”  In six words; “Self Empowering Individuals through Self Responsibility”.
Progressing further into this amazing literature, it dawns on me – it is all up to me!  Few tools in life will serve us better than constant Searching!  Life and Success build upon themselves, as formally unreachable goals become our new reality.  Failure will become a non-option, as it exists for me.  I have and you will discover this new vision when you understand Neothink®; a wide scope vision you never knew you had.  You will begin to observe your immediate surroundings and learn to ask yourself, “How can I make this better?”  “How can I improve this situation?”  As these thoughts course through your brain, new and exciting doors will open up; doors that were right in front of you the whole time, you simply couldn’t see them before!  

Eventually, we realize that there exist No Problems, only Undiscovered Solutions!
By utilizing simple tools and techniques found within the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), I have learned to never fear my Chosen Direction.  
Greatest of All, I Finally Understand the Source of all Happiness.  I have a newly developing ability to actually Create whatever Future, I Choose for Myself.  I’m creating a Future of Happiness & Prosperity – Not only for me; but for my family & for the entire world.
Because of the Neothink® Society and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP), I now have Fully Integrated Honesty in all my Dealings.  Fully Integrated Honesty, what does this mean?  
Why not simply be Honest?  Is Truth different from Honesty?   
Truth is a manipulative concept in the sense that it may be altered depending upon who is in power and who is interrupting that truth.  Honesty on the other hand is unchanging.  It crosses all racial, gender and opinion boundaries –

. . . For Honesty at its Irreducible Value is best described as ‘What Is!’

Regardless of your past experiences, your current situation in life or your future goals; you already possess one of the greatest powers in existence, and that is Voluntary Choice.  
I Hereby Invite You, to Stand Up, Listen to the Genius within You and Embrace a set of tools and techniques that are timeless in nature and that Will Allow You . . . . .

To live a Happy, Meaningful and Important Life of your own Choosing,
While helping others to Succeed; the Life I know I was Meant to Live and
“The Life I think We were All meant to Live!”

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