Mark Hamilton offers an in depth insight

Mark Hamilton offers an in depth insight to help us understand how the oppressive government affects the populace with the rule of man in the governing body. For man to achieve his true potential the rule of man must be eliminated and replaced by PRIME LAW. This will allow the value producers to overcome poverty, hunger, diseases and eventually death. During the past century, we have seen more and more government control, taxes and regulations. This has stifled wealth creation, caused poverty, failed business, lost jobs and a massive federal debt. Our government’s goal is to remain in power and take as much wealth as they can from the true value producers. Social networking is a convenient way for us to spread the word to our friends and neighbors about the Twelve Visions Party. If you have any comments or questions please add them to this blog and we will provide information and answer them. Join with us in our effort to free mankind of the man rule and replace it with the Prime Law.
Dallas W.

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