Mark Hamilton, Neothink Society and TVP, magical

When we were born, we had no choice at what we believed. TV, radio, Parents, religion, government all told us what was “Their real reality beliefs”. When in fact you had no choice to what was truly real in life, only what they thought was real. If you’ll take just a minute and think about this…

When we were little, we  believed in magical power. Adults couldn’t see it now, for the same reason we adults can’t see it now, we were told it’s not real, you can’t trust your own thoughts! But what “If” the natural you fresh out of the womb, unspoiled by anything of this world, could see this magic, that we were slowly weaned away from through the media, parents, religion, government, etc,etc, that told us it’s not real.

Swept under the carpet to forget about. This is about each one of us number “Ones” out there.

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society and TVP party, is about this. To bring back to you the ability to see the magic in your lifetime, for you, and the people. To “feel” the reason we were born for.

Sincerely, One

Jon R

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