By Dr. Stanley D. M., Ed.D.
I find it an honor and privilege to write this short narrative on the tremendous value  and benefits I have gained from Mark Hamilton, Neothink and the Neothink Society. First and foremost, the literature published by the society is the most honest materials one will ever absorb. Profound would be the most accurate term. Profound because the writings are well researched, validated and honestly integrated into a beautiful picture of how life can literally change for the betterment of each individual and all of mankind when viewed from full-context and honest integrations—REAL KNOWLEDGE.
Sadly, written materials of this nature are also the very essence of what people, especially those who hold power in our society, do not want others to be exposed to. You see, Neothink writings are brutally honest.  The writings encourage readers to introspect, to question as did the great Socrates, the world and every concept passively accepted, without personal responsibility or utilization of ones’ own mind through the “burden of proof” concept in establishing your beliefs.  This is, indeed, the exact opposite of what we find in most writings today. Untrue you might say, but I challenge you to examine closely everything you read, then you will begin to see inconsistencies, holes, gaps, untruths you did not notice upon the first reading. In fact you will quickly realize that YOU like the majority of the populace hate reading. You dislike reading and you would rather someone else tell you what the reading is communicating.
Three years ago I was at my wits end regarding the issue of how to make a living in a land and country founded upon the greatest principles in the world today—DEMOCRACY. I am an African American male, the youngest of twelve children, growing up on a farm raised by parents who understood the laws of nature and how to live in harmony with those laws. They taught their children to love others, to obey the laws of the land and to prepare themselves, through education, for careers they themselves were not able to receive due to the social obstacles of their day.  Five of those children pursued the higher education route, three pursued the military, two pursued entrepreneurial activities and land ownership and one a general laborer. Another died at the tender age of five days old.
Personally, I traveled the higher education path. At the age of seven, I developed a very strong desire and goal to play college football and obtain a college education. You can imagine my shock when the moment arrived to begin making the steps into those dreams a reality. No one else, excluding my family, believed nor supported my aspirations, not even those who were my teachers and coaches. During that time I found it hard and very confusing. I would often ask myself the question, “Why are people so non-supportive, negative and fatalistic?”  Overlooked for an athletic scholarship, I quietly left my hometown and “walked on” as a non-scholarship athlete at a nearby university. I earned a full athletic scholarship a year later. That experience taught me that we must be our own authority, use our own minds, and make our own decisions, regardless of what others may think or do. Briefly, I completed my college education and was told after graduation by many potential employers that I needed a masters’ degree. After completing my masters’ degree over the next three years, I once again sought employment and was told I needed more experience. I then worked in various underemployed roles while continuing graduate study and completing other key professional work. I attempted again to obtain adequate employment, this time in higher education and was told by many faculties, that although I had the publications, they were “concerned that I did not have the doctorate.”  Today, I have the doctorate as well as twenty-five publications and various presented papers, including three co-authored books, a doctoral dissertation, a masters’ thesis and twenty co-authored journal articles. Now, no one will even talk to me or give me an interview. I felt like the proverbial dog chasing his tail. What did I fail to do while watching multiple individuals step right in behind me and obtain the opportunity?
Now, I understand through the writings of Mr. Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society what I am dealing with. Now, I do not feel like the dog chasing his tail. I now understand how the gatekeepers do not want highly productive, competitive individuals on their team. They would have to go to work. They would have to change their work ethic. They want to protect and complete their lazy careers. They want to live comfortably, work little, produce less and retire with high incomes when they ride out into the western sunset on the back of the “taxpayers.” So, you can understand why the powers that be, all who are partners in holding up and supporting outdated unproductive systems, do not want honest, integrated knowledge in the hands of the masses. If you, the masses, come to understand real knowledge, you will begin to think for yourselves, realize the tremendous power you possess and break free from a world filled with parasitical elites masquerading as leaders. You will begin to think for yourselves and begin making honest, rational decisions that will lift you to true happiness.
The value and success of Mr. Mark Hamilton, his literature, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party is a must for every individual— FOR THE ENTIRE WORLD! The literature he has created, in my opinion, is comparable to the work of Einstein. A work as you know, that changed the entire landscape of science and our views of our world and universe. This work too, will change the world for the good of ALL MANKIND!!!, our views of ourselves, our world, and our happiness.  Someday, mankind will look in retrospect at this period of history, the works of Mark Hamilton, the Neothink Society and the Twelve Visions Party as the period of seminal change that elevated mankind to his true status.
I can now think for myself consistently without fear, guilt or any other technique used by those in society who carry false power and who are, in reality, criminal in their work and in their dealings with their fellowman. I can now use my whole brain to identify, integrate information and rationally act upon that information from a foundation of honesty. Objective reality is unconquerable. That foundation is the only foundation that will enable you to truly love others the way Jesus described and expounded upon in his many discourses. I now know I have an exciting, electrifying future, regardless of what others may do or attempt to do to impede my progress through life. And every life I touch will be helped to increase, will be increased as they too move toward that full and abundant life!
Thank you Mark Hamilton for your work and continued contributions to mankind in his or her journey for the pursuit of life, liberty and happiness!!!

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