Mark Hamilton, Neothink and his Twelve Visions Party have helped me…

Mark Hamilton, Neothink and his Twelve Visions Party have helped me to become a new and renewed person. His touch has helped me big deal in increasing my self esteem, and in doing so, in letting me be born again as a strong, confident and a self-leader person. His writings, his ideas, his ideals, his way of thinking, his interest in bettering his country (the U.S.A.) and the whole planet in all senses, are unprecedented in world history and in American history. Thanks to his touch on my life, I am an extremely and effectively born again man, whose only goal now is to become the best value creator I can be, marry, raise a family and live happily for eternity.

I can separate my life in two parts: the first part being my life before Mark Hamilton touched my spirit with his writings and books, and the second part, after he opened my mind to a new world that he called Neothink. Thanks to Mark Hamilton now I use his mini day schedule to program almost all of my activities. And although I need more roads to travel to be a master in this area, thanks to Mark Hamilton I use my time more efficiently. Besides this, I now practice the DTC (discipline, thought and then control) method to achieve all I want, whatever it is.
Neothink will imply changing the sciences, the businesses, and the arts. People will live differently for the ages to come. Neothink will imply people will change the way they think and do things, regarding everything.

Mark Hamilton has unleashed in me the potential that the enemies of progress and true freedom wanted to have controlled and/or destroyed/lessened on me. (I am referring to the Plato ruled people, like organized religions and some government officials and institutions, who, using many of the methods and tactics of organized crime, tried to hurt me, to destroy me, to control me, to put me on my knees if I didn´t agree living in “their world”.) The Neothink Society came in my rescue and that is something I will never forget in my entire life. I will always be grateful with them. Therefore, I am more than appreciative to Mark Hamilton and his Neothink Society. This is what he and his Neothink Society have done for me so far in my life. (Don´t you think these people deserve all of my appreciation and gratitude?)
Mark Hamilton’s Twelve Visions Party is the cure against the Plato world of falsehood, mysticism, lies, sufferings, crimes, drug trafficking and illegal-massive drug consumption, violence, corruption, terrorism, poverty and many of the many present maladies of the world, which being man made, are of course, possible to be solved by man himself. With an Aristotelian philosophy; Mark Hamilton and his brilliant ideas, have lead Neothink to be the right and timing cure against the irrationalities and dishonesties of the present in absolutely all areas of life, private or public.

The success of the Twelve Visions Party will mean for me, among many, many things, everlasting freedom, happiness, total progress, biological immortality, no more aging, no more physical sicknesses, being the person I was meant to be the moment my parents conceived me with passion and love. We all are created to be and to live happy, forever. But this never has happened totally until today, because the tyrannical ruling classes dominated by Plato ideology do not want us, the masses, to be free, to be freed, and to live better. My loved ones and the whole world would benefit immensely when Mark Hamilton comes into power and creates all the necessary conditions for the genius of mankind of all areas of knowledge to do what they have always wanted to do: to create all kinds of values that will put the human genre into the dimension of the Civilization of the Universe, the only and one Civilization possible for true conscious human beings.

Silencing Mark Hamilton, either by killing him physically or by destroying him through the media and/or political institutions and individuals, and shutting down his literary business, will cost big not only to the United States of America, but to the whole planet. Civilization could once again fall into the Dark Forces that ruled earth during one millennia and hindered all possible progress in any human area of existence. The humanity has a lot to lose if Mark Hamilton, the Twelve Visions Party, Neothink and the Neothink Society are destroyed either way. If destroyed Neothink, mankind will probably have to suffer one, two or three millennia of despotic mysticism rulers to have a chance to live freely again.
True advances have occurred when free individuals have strongly opposed those who do anything and everything to keep their unearned privileges to the cost of putting the human race again in blind hood, spiritual and physical slavery, as happened through the Middle Ages. We do not want again women being burned because a Hierarchy of men fears them, or for whatever reason. We do not want Inquisitions killing innocents because they dared to think different or because geniuses of society dared to achieve scientifically breakthroughs that menaced the ideology and power of the ruling mystical classes. We do not want times to be repeated where if you have a scientifically contribution as Galileo Galilei had, you have to suffer life imprisonment commuted to house arrest for the rest of your life being almost 70 years old. No, we do not want this anymore. I notice constantly how these Plato ruled men (organized religion and all of their collaborators in the governments and in the media) think theirs is the only way things should go and be. That is not true. Many brave men and women have fought with their own lives in all ages and in all countries to defend their unshakable and undeniable rights to freedom, to worship God their own way or even to deny the existence of any God if this is the way they think, they feel or they believe to be or not to be, and not the way of the mystical oriented persons want us to believe and to live our lives controlling us all of the time. Those mystical driven persons cannot tolerate people who think freely. A lot of those persons use Jesus Christ as He were a symbol to worship, not as what He really is, a true Master, (who let people freely chose if they followed Him or not), for many people the Son of God, for others a great Thinker, and for others the very first conscious individual who ever existed, and who was probably one of the most freer individuals in Human History, if not the only and authentic freer individual of mankind. That is why he got killed. His teachings of freedom opposed the religion and the government of the area of his time, where he was born and lived his life. These same people who dare oppose Mark Hamilton today with all kind of dirty wars or non dirty wars, would have killed Jesus of Nazareth of 2000 years ago, if they saw He threatened his privileges and unearned power, that is, if He threatened or dared to threaten “their” status quo.

In the Art of War; Master Sun Tzu talks that you can destroy your enemy by destroying or sabotaging his plans. That is what the enemies of Neothink want to do with Mark Hamilton and his Twelve Visions Party and Neothink. My big concern is when they see they cannot accomplish that, they might try to physically shut down Mark Hamilton and several Neothink members.
We human beings, Earthlings, will have a lot to lose if the mystical driven world imposes its agenda on us again. We are born free, that´s why I think we should support Mark Hamilton because he is a genius whose ideas, ideals, and political party, represent the way of freedom and progress in all senses and in all areas for the United States of America and for the rest of the planet. The only agenda that we must defend, is the agenda of freedom, progress, happiness and peace that is guaranteed by a man as Mark Hamilton. That is what our true mission is: to fight for freedom with our support to Mark Hamilton, to Neothink and to the Twelve Visions Party.

Arturo M. S.

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