Mark Hamilton (MH) has changed my life, for the better, forever.

Mark Hamilton (MH) has changed my life, for the better, forever. His books and teachings have allowed me to profit more than at any other time in my career despite the recession. Profits continue to rise in 2009 after a great 2008. How many are saying that right now?  How many need that right about now?  His mini-day organizational method can help many–especially now. Anyone can plug in this method to achieve great things in record time while never skipping important details or being overwhelmed.  From there you can create tremendous wealth.  Even an empire is within reach for every person if they are willing to get down to work and practice the method.  Many people need Hamilton’s work and implementation so desparately.  It would be a tragedy of epic proprotions to deny any one of his creations.

     His visions are carefully integrated, meticulously thought out and fully detailed. His visions share with us a new way of life that we deserve and are ready to experience here on earth.  A new beginning of sorts for mankind. Imagine that for one moment. Wouldn’t you want to live like that?  The possiblily of healthy living much longer that you ever thought possible.  Imagine what could be accomplished.  It’s mind blowing!  The thought of not being able to read this literature and learn about this new way of life would be beyond a catastrophe for all humankind.  It is ground shattering work. This material is just too valuable to loose, EVER.

    Mark Hamilton comes from a place of total integrity and responsiblity, period. Few Practice what they preach, but Mark does. He never makes excuses and slices thru any limitation to get down to the essential tools that will trasnform life in this country as well as the rest of the world. It all starts with each one of us, the individual.  He will ignite the geniuses of the world to create a new framework in The United States of America.  That framework will provide a basis for other countries to follow our lead. MH and the Twelve Visions Party (TVP) will set a new standard throughout the world by unleashing a new paradigm:  self-leadership under Prime Law.

   We recieve support from each other thru the Neothink Society. The society also operates under full integrity and responsibility just like MH. It provides an accelerated social portal into this new world. It is not some cult or fringe group.  The society is a group of self-leaders who wish to gain more knowlege and work with others to create new social connections and potential business contacts. The groups are designed for each person to identify their life purpose and get the indivudial moving in that direction using MH tools such as the mini-day, power thinking, and company capture techniques. It allows people to interact with one another to advance all with no selfish agendas or egos. It is a refreshing environment to operate in and share with.  The society wishes each person to find their essence so that they can advance quickly in business and succeed. There are no secrets; only hard thinking to find solutions. There is a huge need for this in our world right now.  It must be preserved. To take it away is criminal.

  His Prime Law vision will take us to new hights in technology, science, arts and engineering.  Virutally all fields will benefit rapidly and wonderfully. This will create a new paradigm for human rights.  The rights of the individual will become paramount.  Outside groups and majorities will no longer hold an advantage over any person. That freedom will uncork the creative minds to create in never before ways.  There will be rapidly expanding economic growth and wealth for all. Costs will decrease over time instead of the inflation sprial that we now live in.  Government debt will decrease as more people have a new purpose in life and are working their essence(s).  New discoveries in science will allow us to live much longer than we currently do. That will keep people working much longer and productively throught society creating even more values. The shift would be massive and encompass all areas of our lives–to our benefit. The job creation alone would be staggering. Wouldn’t that be refreshing? Hey, isn’t that just what we need?

  Who would ever try to stop this? Whoever did would only be ultimately denying themselves in addition to everyone else.  Chances are they were only interested in their benefit at the cost of everyone else.  It simply cannot be allowed to happen. If it were to happen, expect a second Dark Ages.  You think things have been bad, think again. That is why MH and his work is so valuable.  It is a REAL SOLUTION to get us out of this mess we’re in. It is here for everyone to benefit from. Who else has thought it out this well for so long?  

Respectfully, Antonio B

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