Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which…

My thanks and gratitude to you Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society for the Wealth of knowledge I received. By reading the Neothink literature, as taught me to know the value livening.

Over the months and years since started  reading the Neothink literature am truly a changed person in  my life this enabled me to see my condition their is not enough words to describe my path of livening  before reading the, literature , my mental attuned  towards understanding may path in my life as taught me much,

Knowing this that  integration is the path to honesty regardless of whom the person might be make life  for me much hipper in livening ,

Mark Hamilton literature has the only message which I believe will inspire hope in and happiness in the lives of many others as this wonder full writing’s did for me .because in everything I happen to be doing I can

Do with a feeling of happiness from within yet there are many that county to live under the burden and Stagnation why is that? There is a wonder full way to know, I call your action to James J Hill a Genius of Society many years ago who was well on his way to mottling the stander of livening for order people?

Taking care of every need until he got healed down by the Movement regulation his story represent all Genus of society.


and this is Ruth  TESTIMONIAL,


best regard  thank you.

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