Mark Hamilton is the person, I stand behind

My name is Penny L. and I would totally enjoy telling you why I became a member of the Neothink Society and would not want to be without it in any way, shape, or form.  Mark Hamilton and Angel and a Blessing to us all, (Mark is an extremely talented and gifted gentleman in many areas) he is presently teaching me how to integrate the power of my mind, like he as done for others.

We as human beings have become so bogged down with stagnation that we do not enjoy life any longer.  I want my mind to learn, to grow, to love more than I do now, to have security to increase my desires and to create more beauty.  Yes, I want to be a creator of my own life and world filled with pure HONESTY and TRUTH which is so very important to me.  Others have done it and I’m continually climbing upward reaching my future hopes and desires.  It is a glorious journey filling me inside with Joy, Excitement, Happiness, with Understanding, Luck, Success and Money just around the corner.  I’m finding out more about myself each day, who I want to become.  I definitely want to become a valued producer and help people as much as I can.

I had gone back to College at the age a half year 61 & 62 & 63 learning Massage Therapy working 40 hours a week.  The best part was meeting new friends and gaining new knowledge.

This year at 64, I thought it best to hold off going back to school for a while do to my dad’s physical condition.  I have been told he has 6 to 12 months to live.  Back in late July my dad had 10 to 22% air capacity in his lungs due to working around asbestos.  While I was back visiting him, I accompanied him to his doctor.  It was decided to put him on steroids.  The doctor said it would help one out of three people.   It is a miracle; he is one of the three, now he has 60% air capacity and having more energy.  September 24th I plan to go for a short visit and be back to work on the 5th of October.

I do however, continue enjoy learning and growing.  I still have so very much yet to learn to be the best person I can be.  I still remind myself to continually be patient working through all the necessary details the How’s and Why’s.

I truly want so very much to be a part of the Twelve Visions Party quest of Mark Hamilton.  I want to help in any way I can.  I do want to list them.  They continually inspire me daily.

1)    Become the person you were meant to be.

Live the life you were meant to live (turn inward, think internally)

2)    Feel Extra Ordinary.

3)    Stop Aging

4)    Get the job of your dreams.

5)    Start the company you always wanted.

6)    Embrace the lover of your fantasies.

7)    Diet down to the body you always envied.

8)    Become a genius.

9)    Surround yourself with geniuses.

10) Ride a prosperity explosion that will make you a millionaire

11) Enjoy perfect physical and mental health.

Climax:  Integrate all 12 visions of tomorrow’s to get rich today.

I still have so very very much to learn, to absorb, and apply it all to my life.  My desires are many

I divorced my domineering husband in 2007.  Since then I have not been able to work it to find a home or place I can call my own.  Presently, living with my son, my daughter-in-law and grand-daughter.

My prior husband & I had Quality Plus 1 hour photo which was sold to him in 1907.Having his own business he is certainly struggling, just like we did when we had it.  Both my son and his wife enjoy the business. I’m still trying to find the job of my dreams.

I would certainly like to experience a magical turnaround in every area from the twelve vision’s above to the turn around of Government and politicians draining all of the American people  of their money.  The so called politicians who continue to lie and use deception to make themselves look good make me angry.  They stop our medical progress even when someone finds a cure for a disease; the so called high authorities come in using guns and brute force destroying all the records and putting him out of business.  Then they push what they call medicine in advertisements, like television, and magazines and such to help fill their pockets even more with our money.  All this medicine they push on the American people drastically affects their minds and bodies.  They enjoy clouding our minds with sugar so we cannot think clearly, which is just where they want us to be.  I’m still working on my sugar problem trying to master not having it would be Ideal for me.

Think about this, where do you want to be?  These career politicians and high authorities want to keep us under their thumb.   They continue destroying those precious dreams the American people yearn for.  They do not want us, to grow and use our minds, integrate puzzles, make money, feel the exhilaration of having a business that we created on our own.

Right now I need to be patient, continue studying, learning, and getting totally organized as I possibly can, keep my mind set on the goals above, for I know I will get there it just a matter of time.

Mark Hamilton is the person, I stand behind.  I choose to master that American Dream with Honesty and truth through Neothink which is where I want to be.  Thank you Mark Hamilton for choosing me!  Thank you for allowing me to purchase and read your precious books.  They are totally inspiring, up lifting, filled with honesty, truth and goals each and every person should treasure to get their hands on.  Thank you again Mark Hamilton.

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