Mark Hamilton Hi

Mark Hamilton Hi,
I was first introduced to your writings about three to four years ago! What was noticable it had the ability to draw me it, pull me into the next paragraph. There always seem to something else to happen, never the end. Admit tingly I always knew my interest had to be captured very quickly for a topic to be interesting. I am 50 years old! It seems I was working through the years of my life, just adding years up towards that glorious golden hand shake in life, and then along comes Neothink. I realized very quickly even before I sent for the Ms Annabel Novel, even the fore letter became interesting because it was letting me know what was going to happen in the lives of the four now grown up kids.
The Neothink Society has added the values of Hope, and Possibility, I think I can, and I want to do that! For starters back into my life. For years my passion in life was to be a Professional Soccer player, my position was in the midfield. What this taught me from this position over the years was to in 90 minutes of a game was to point out the play makers, it was my job to find anyone who could be a threat to my goal! Pass the word around to my playmates, and then pressure the playmaker leaving him no time to threaten our goal. So let me encourage you to look beyond people knocking the Neothink Society! You are offering Hope when A/C wants to offer fear. A ship goes through different seasons, even in calm waters a ship sails over loose debris that might bang into the bottom of the ship. When the storms are above, we have to close the hatches and get ready bail out access water.  The TVP offers an individual the chance to follow a clear path in to raising their standard of living; it has personally brought me to a place where I would like to put the pieces of my life back together. I will attempt to find the time to do this, sometime this year. Then if all goes to plan I think I will have cleared a path to follow the book and attempt to put my super puzzle together. I know I still have allotted to learn, but I am excited for this year already.
Peace and Regards Osmond

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