Mark Hamilton heads up a group that promotes honest business ethics

From what I can see, Mark Hamilton has two concerns. He cares deeply about the well-being and happiness of people and he is concerned about being attacked by what I call shortsighted, irresponsible and malicious adversaries who don’t want him to advance vital projects related to these ideals.

I have seen him speak through videos and have read some of his various works but otherwise only know of him through contacts with his associates and underlings. I met some of them during one of their conventions and will say that I’ve never been so readily accepted and treated so warmly by strangers in my life.

He heads up a group that promotes honest business ethics, economic growth (not the accustomed stagnation and industrial job loss that we’ve been seeing) and, most of all; he and his group place a higher value on life than any political party or, for that matter, religion.

I first encountered these people as a skeptic and pretty much remained that way for some time but going to their convention and seeing them face to face left me no doubt that they are for real, they are earnest, and that their “political” agenda – if you could call it that – will leave society much better off than those of other parties; and that includes the supposedly idealistic third parties that still rely on the same subtle, legalistic, and corrupted foundations.

Those who slander, defame, or otherwise attack Mark Hamilton and his affiliates can expect well-considered denunciations thrown back at them from this quarter. If such unseemly critics want to use the arts of intimidation, duck-and-dodge, usage of front men, or other cowardly maneuvers, they will be exposed for that too. I know what those who employ the convincing con artists and paid slaves of the media are up to and if they act inappropriately, they will be called to account for their actions. From what I can see, Mr. Hamilton and his people have lots of friends in unlikely places and people everywhere are increasingly able to see through certain people’s cheap and obnoxious smear tactics.

Signed R Thomas J.

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