Mark Hamilton has worked hard to bring Neothink…

When Neothink contacted me they told me that they couldn’t promise me that my life would be easy because of Neothink, they just promised that it would be easier.  Mark Hamilton has worked hard to bring Neothink to the people in his society it is evident that he has put energy and time in it.  I believe one of his objectives is to help people have an easier time of life. People need to be able to look at something and see what it is, and with their own mind make a decision on it.  We are bombarded with so many idea’s thoughts and governments and people wanting us to think what they want us to think, to give them our money,  time, energy, and life.  How do we know it is our thoughts and not something someone else put there?

My life is still hard, but I do believe with the addition of Neothink that my life is easier than it would have been.  Thank you Mark Hamilton.

Elizabeth T.

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