Mark Hamilton has taught us something that was lost

Mark Hamilton has taught us something that was lost, something that was
usurped by those who had learned to be self leaders, those that then became
parasitical by nature…
Mark has shown the light on this subject in a dynamic form named NeoThink. His father is a man of fame, he opened our eyes to a world blocked from us for more then 1700 years, we the mass’s…
All while the Elite Royal and Self Leaders of the day became wealthy and famous upon the backs of us, the creators of things of value.
They did this not in a form of balance, but in a power of deception, by cheating those they ruled as authority.
By taking our love of our creator and using it against us by twisting and perverting the truth.. all the while we believed by faith that they had the
best for us, but then… Marks family woke us back up to the pure truth the
singular lightspeed power of pure truth and the love gift that comes with it.

Imagine how today… we would not be in this world turmoil if it were not for the power of twisting the truth for profit…
We still have time to let the truth shine, we still may have the timing it takes to derail the plans of those who cheat, and decieve.

We are being awakened from our slumber , the mass hypnosis that has held down generations before us is losing its grip, the politicians are getting very concerned that their days are numbered..
I see that one of us will take this NeoThink lead, and move us past this time of stagnation and usurping values. Mark has made this leap available to us! Christ was able to bring man to conscious, this is fact.. it took a few hundred years or so to dismantle conscious man.. by deception by consistently pushing us into what they explained as true.

We fell back into that bi-cameral state we had left behind, that auto pilot self, directed by others… even those of us who love the truth…

Its not the Money that’s the root cause, its the Love of money!

Imagine what good you can do with resources abounding, what gifts we can bring!

I fall in and out of the bi-cameral state, the state that is accompanied by denial, its a debilitative state. But now that I am aware again, I no longer
have to accept or participate, I engage, I do! I am!

Inside our being we have a soul a spirit, an energy of light! If we free it
from deception it abounds and thinks much faster then our organic mind,
It is who we are… Notice when sad, missing someone, frightened, tensions
and depression is represented in our chest areas not in our brain?
That’s the center of the spirit of truth in you, waiting for you to accept it..
waiting to set you free… the truth will set you free!

Recognize that much of the Neothink writing is designed to put your mind through a process, many things are said in many different ways to get
back to the singular truth, to deprogram our deceptions and instilling the light of truth in its place, our truth! Absolute Genius!

Kevin Nealon of Saturday Night Live used to parody what Marks Dad found, it was very entertaining.

Thanks Mark! Neothink Rocks! You have raised the bar for humanity!
Highest regards!

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