Mark Hamilton has started a grass roots party…

What Mark Hamilton means to me is that he has opened my eyes to what this anticivilazation did to me after being injured at work.  The Labor and Industry’s Dept. made me go threw several surgery’s to fix my neck after a injury at work, the injures were on C 5-6 and C6-7 ruptured because of a 40 mile in hour wind on a piece of plywood, hitting me on the head.  Then they putt me threw a ringer to get it fixed.

 The only thing that they did was cause more damage then the wind did. I now have a double fusion on my neck on C5-6 & C 6-7, on the left side only the surgeon looked at the right side and steeped back and said he was not turning me into Christopher Reeves.  The only thing that there surgery’s did was cause more problems then I already had. This is all because of our carer pollations who think that they know what is best for all the people. When all they are doing is taking Bribes from the big drug company’s, and padding there pockets. Not what is good for the people, but what is good for them.

 I see now that there are remedies out there that would have fixed my problem, but the FDA and our government do not want us to know about. These carer pollations do not do what they promise when they are elected, they only are out for the money that they can steal from us, and our wrights. These people are not out to help us but to keep us in the dark and feed us B.S. and make us think that they are helping us when the only thing that they are doing is stealing and saying do what I say not what I do.

 Mark Hamilton has started a grass roots party to help the people become a Civilisation of the Universe. not a crook like what we have now. We need the Twelve Visions Party to enter the civilisation of the Universe.  There are cures out there that our government know will cure cancer and other disease that are killing us and they do not care about us only for them selvess.

 The Twelve Visions Party will bring about a revaluation to bring us back to what our founding Fathers wanted us to be. We need this and our world need it. Unless you want to stay a mushroom, then believe all you hear in the news about Mark Hamilton.

 Mark Hamilton is not a crook or a dissident, he is a very Honorable man and out to help us, he does not want to be President or a Dictator, all he want is for us to be rich even the poor. Not of the plolition for the polition;  But of the people for the people.

Step up and make a difference and join the Twelve Visions Party. Be a Hero not a mushroom.


 Charles M.

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