Mark Hamilton, founder of The Neothink Society

“We the Neothink Society send our Love and Service out to envelop all LIFE on this planet, to stimulate and enhance the BEings of Humanity to excel in growth and development of their Consciousness to join with us to create and foster a beneficial environment in which to evolve and become a true Twelve Visions World…”

These are words that are used to begin some of our Teleseminar Conference Calls…This does help create a feeling of closeness among members within our aim to come together in this Neothink Society.

This concept came to me as I resonated with all that The Neothink Society has come to mean to me personally and as a citizen of the world we live in and for all of our desires to create a world that offers self-fulfillment, happiness, and safety in which to become and live out all of the promise that resides in the core of human beings.

I have experienced personally some of the consequences of what has befallen our economic system here in America. I have friends all over the world who are in the same boat as the USA is when it comes to the failing of much of our financial sources from which we earn to keep ourselves in as best shape as we can manage, so we can pay our bills, take care of our families, and remain healthy.
I have come to trust the foundational stone on which The Neothink Society is built upon: integrated honesty, integrity, and Love and support for all of our dreams to come true. This Society is made up of individuals of all ages, backgrounds, life experiences, and races, yet we can all come together in true equality of opportunity, since we know that we will assist ourselves and all who come to us in building our capacities to create our individual and societal goals that we are aimed at for us and our children no matter where we live on this planet. We are International in our endeavors, since our members reside in many countries. The trust in the basic goodness that lives within each human being is present. We know that some nationalities feel more targeted for their beliefs and thus can feel defensive as victims. We work on the premise that humans are not made for destructive means for living, but can come to comprehend that all can live best in peace and freedom without force or coercion entering the picture of life itself no matter what part of the world we reside in.

The Neothink Society has many ways of benefitting and enabling individuals to find and expand their unique talents to become a life-support system for themselves and their loved ones. We have developed many programs that do help us learn just who we are and how we want to function in life in our own countries of origin. These range from finding just how powerful we are when meshing our personal expertise with building family values, communities, and businesses that enhance living and give great values back into society. What a thrill it is to feel so confident and accomplished that we are able to not only help ourselves but can help others in so many ways. Imagination is the key to creating this beneficial environment, ie. thinking outside the accepted “norm”…a norm that hasn’t provided what we all have hoped and yearned for up to now.

We as citizens can look around at what is already here and now in our country, and spread out over the world…When we use our newly expanded brain power, we can begin imagining how we might better our circumstances and those of our countries. We can develop our confidence by thinking for ourselves, making independent decisions for ourselves, learning about how the world works, and how human beings literally become great. There are steps we can take to begin our journey in this life and prosper. Mark Hamilton, author of the Multigenerational Manuscripts, brings forth great values to us, as he mentors us in finding our answers as individuals and as human beings. I learned so much from this reading and coming to see reality as it really is, not covered over with illusions, being able to distinguish the answers for myself, finding more and more of my talents and being able to surprise myself by what I can become and accomplish.

I also see these advantages and advancements in deep friendships I have made here in The Neothink Society. These are lifelong relationships, much like family in the Love and sharing that occurs between us. There is deep regard and respect and appreciation among us all, whether we have come to directly know each other or come together working in other venues we have developed. One in which we all participate and agree upon, no matter the viewpoint via historical perspective, is the Twelve Visions Party, the apolitical arm of The Neothink Society.

The TVP (Twelve Visions Party) is in the process of development from the grassroots up, and is the vision of Mark Hamilton, founder of The Neothink Society. The “platform” will be presented as released by the TVP into the media as time progresses. It is built upon a “Protection Only” basis for Government, where all citizens will benefit through the release of all of our geniuses who can go to work on the solutions to what all plagues us as humans, driving down the prices of what we need in a free market base, and enabling all to live a rich life, including the elderly and those who are now poor…This corresponds to what the history of the computer has accomplished, where only the wealthy could own a computer at one time. This TVP viewpoint is workable and possible as to the details, where no child or individual will be left behind, and though it is a new vista from which to view Government, I feel most from the grassroots level will be able to appreciate its aims and the means to bring this vision into reality. Of course, there will be an interim period of adjustment, so the full fruition will occur for the betterment of our citizens, and to demonstrate its viability upon the world stage.

I have spent my professional life as an RN/BSN, particularly in research while helping others in difficulty, and I am happy to spend my present life on another frontier of evolution–> that of Consciousness itself, as we make our current big leap into a greater Mind, such as Jesus did so long ago…One that can see our planet and its peoples as an interwoven Whole, conscious of its unique human character acting in the second Greatest Story Ever Told! This is real. This is for Us, all of humankind. To not just survive, but thrive in all our magnificence. Folks, keep an open mind and Learn, as I did, as have so many of us scattered all across this majestic planet in our Universe. I want this not just for me, but for all of our peoples–> For You!

Lila B.

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