Mark Hamilton and the TVP Movement

I want to thank you Mark Hamilton for inviting me into the Neothink Society. Reading your Literature has shown that life can be pleasant, fulfilling, secure and love for others. That Brighter Future is at hand. I remember when I was a kid some thirty-five years ago, when traveling and passing a neighbor, friend or someone unknown and my father gave a friendly wave, the wave was happily returned. That’s just one example of what the Future Beholds for me. And it can be the same for every person on this planet. Also, if you were in need of assistance, it was happily given. This is the same note in the Neothink Society,Loving Friends ready to help, even if we met for the first time. With this in the Future, the Whole World of People, as well as Me and My Family can live a Loving, Peaceful,Prosperous Life, Even the Poor.This will happen with the TVP Movement, that I know. I also know without the TVP Movement, and you Mark Hamilton, and your Literature,Life for all People, Even the Poor Will Not Get any Better,most likely it will get worse. Greg K.

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