Mark Hamilton and the Neothink Society

Mark Hamilton and the Neothink society

Mark Hamilton has brought us Knowledge.

Mark Hamilton has brought us Hope.

Mark Hamilton has brought us freedom.

Mark Hamilton has brought us a challenge.

Freedom,  hope, with the knowledge, Mark Hamilton challenges us  to create a loving, supportive, value creating society with  extraordinary  Health,  unimaginable  Wealth and  unprecedented  Happiness  at Peace within ourselves  and  others . He has shown us the way, with Integrated Honesty, Thought and Objectivity.

Words cannot express my gratitude for bringing Hope back into my life during these most disturbing times. No telling where my state of mind might have been without hope, without the knowledge to find my inner essence. The person I always wanted to be. That person subdued by a society of illusions and fear of anyone with new ideas, questions that challenge and questions that stuck fear in those stuck in the status quo.  Having to adapt for survival, doing only what I could and not what I wanted. Now I can clearly see through the illusions.

Now,  I am on a mission. I have picked up the gauntlet . I will bring Business and science the concept of Wide Scope Accounting.  Three words I have never seen together in one phrase. Words that spoke to my essence. That essence is to assemble all the values I have collected all my life, values  from everything good, bad or ugly. There is always a Key take-a-way.

I never thought I would be a writer nor a speaker. But with over half a century of silence, I now have a lot to say. This is my chance to help mankind. I’d always hoped for our survival. Now I know we will. Business and Science will save our butts. But not in their current state. The Neothink society will show them the way. The way out of, Illusionary governmental protection, unfair and coerced government regulations, progressive badgering,  outdated inefficient infrastructure and management.

I am finally free to express my many essences. I fear not intellectual loneliness . For I now have the most precious of all things.  The chance to live in a loving, supportive, value creating  society.

Thank you Mark Hamilton for bringing us these values. Values that never existed before now.  Now, when we need them most.  Mankind’s most desperate hour, saved by the bell.

The Bell? The bell is our own beloved Twelve Visions Party and The Prime Law.

The Prime Law Tolls for individual freedom, Health, Wealth and Peace.

Thanks again and again, Mark.

Carl T. J.,   Integrated Essences of Connecticut.  Discipline, Thought, Control.

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